Warm Climates, Heating System Installation, And Service Needs

Do you need heating system installation if you live in a warm climate area? Homeowners in the southern states don't often see snow and enjoy temperate weather year-round. But that doesn't mean you won't need a furnace. If you live in the south, take a look at what you need to know about climate and the benefits of a well-maintained furnace.

Why Install a Heating System in the South?

Southern temperatures vary by state and region. Even though the mercury typically dips in the winter months, chances are deep South residents won't feel a bitter cold for much of the year (or at all).

In the event of a sudden, and unexpected, cold snap, you'll need indoor heating that works—and works well. Likewise, chilly fall and winter temperatures (in the 50s and 40s) can cool your home significantly. When the warming sun sets, you may find yourself in need of extra heat. Read on for more information about your home's HVAC system and its maintenance.

What Kind of Heater Do You Need?

A new HVAC system may seem pricey—especially when you may not need to use it often. While an extra blanket may do for a chilly autumn evening, children, elderly adults, the chronically ill, or anyone who is sensitive to the cold will need more. The same goes for space heaters and other stand-alone devices.

A well-maintained furnace provides even heat across your entire home. Even though the initial costs are higher, this option can keep you more comfortable in the event of prolonged cold spells or several weeks of chilly weather.

Does Your Furnace Need Annual Heating Services in the South?

Do the often-warm southern temperatures mean a furnace won't require an annual checkup or cleaning? Preventative maintenance is necessary for every furnace. Not only can it extend the life of the appliance, but it can also help you to catch potential problems before they become major issues. Over time, wear and tear can reduce your furnace's efficiency and cause serious problems.

If your furnace uses the same air filter your air conditioner does, chances are that it requires a replacement or a thorough cleaning (depending on the type of filter). The hot southern weather may mean your AC is on much of the year. A dirty or clogged filter decreases indoor air quality and can force the system to work harder. This can lead to unnecessary damage and a shorter lifespan.

After your heating system installation, schedule pre-winter maintenance with a qualified HVAC professional regularly—whether you think you'll use the furnace or not. A preventative service call can save you time, and possibly money (in emergency service fees), if your system should shut-down or have a problem when the temperature drops.