Troubleshooting A Faulty AC Blower Fan

Modern cooling systems are made up of many components that work together to cool a home. One of these components is the blower fan. The primary role of the blower fan is to push cooled air into your home's air vents so it can be distributed throughout your living space.

When the blower fan fails, your access to cool air is compromised. There are many reasons why a blower fan can malfunction. Troubleshoot your faulty blower by trying the following repairs.

Check Your Thermostat

The blower fan in your air conditioning unit may not be the problem when cool air isn't circulating through your home. The thermostat acts as the brains of any HVAC system. Your air conditioner relies on signals sent by the thermostat to regulate operation. Unfortunately, if your thermostat is damaged or broken, it will not signal your air conditioner to produce cool air. The blower fan will not turn on, and no air will move through your vents.

Be sure that you check the condition of your thermostat before you invest in a new blower fan.

Check the Fan Belt

All blower fans are equipped with a belt that helps transfer power generated by the blower motor into the movement of the fan blades. These belts are made from rubber that is designed to be durable, but it doesn't last forever. As such, a damaged or broken fan belt can prevent your air conditioner's blower fan from turning. Without turning fan blades, no cool air can be moved through your cooling system. Replace a damaged fan belt to restore proper function to your blower fan.

Check the Blower Motor

One of the most serious problems that can affect your blower fan is a damaged blower motor. The blower motor generates the power that is needed to turn the fan blades. It's possible for a blower motor to get too hot during operation. Understandably, overheating can weaken the motor's internal components and cause it to shut down completely.

A blower fan that isn't turning on is usually the first noticeable sign of a blown motor. You will need to contact an experienced HVAC technician to replace the damaged motor with a new one before your blower fan will work properly again.

An air conditioner blower fan that doesn't turn on is cause for concern. You must be able to troubleshoot this type of problem so that you can invest in the repairs needed to restore the integrity of your cooling system. Check out this site,, or similar sites for more information.