5 Reasons You Need A High Efficiency HVAC Unit

Are you tired of getting insanely high energy bills every month? Do you find yourself wishing that there was a way to lower your energy bill? There's great news. There is a way to ensure the comfort of your family while lowering your energy bill. An energy efficient HVAC unit is a great way to save money on your energy bill.

High efficiency HVAC units have been shown to be invaluable ways to save money on your monthly energy bill. While the lower-efficiency models are still the most common units being used, high efficiency models are becoming increasingly popular. It is very likely that more and more households will have invested in high efficiency HVAC units in the future. This article will give you 5 reasons to invest in one.

1. Performance

High efficiency HVAC units are built using features that make the unit perform better than lower efficiency models. Variable speed air handlers and two stage compressors provide a more even temperature distribution throughout your home.

2. Energy Bill

High efficiency units also consume much less energy than lower-efficiency models. Less energy usage will mean that you will spend less money on your monthly energy bill.

3. Longer Life

Higher efficiency HVAC units are made to function in a way that maximizes their efficiency. They do not go through the on-and-off cycles that the other units do. This means that they incur less wear and tear, which makes them last longer. It also means that they will require less repairs, which saves you money.

4. Environmentally Friendly

High efficiency units are great for the environment. Not only do they save energy, they also don't use materials that are harmful for the environment. Most lower-efficiency units use Freon. Freon is a refrigerant that is a hazardous pollutant. Units that still use Freon will eventually be phased out, which means you will end up having to switch anyway.

5. Tax Benefits

If you own a high-efficiency HVAC unit, you may be eligible to receive tax credits. Currently, owners of high-efficiency units could be entitled to receive up to 30% of the cost of the unit as a tax credit.

While it may seem expensive at first, high-efficiency HVAC units can save you more money over the long-term. They also perform better and are friendly towards the environment. Consult with an HVAC technician like Robert Bair Plumbing Heating & Air who can help you figure out a high-efficiency unit is right for you.