What Is Your Air Conditioner's Air Handler – And How Can Problems There Impact Your Cooling System?

Most central air conditioning systems are what is known as a split system due to the fact that there's one part of the unit outside your home and one part of the unit inside the home. The interior portion of the system is called the air handler. The air handler might stand as a solo unit or could come packaged inside your furnace to save space. The air handler contains some vital parts to the cooling process, and problems with the parts can leave you with an inefficient or nonfunctional system.

4 Tips For Making Certain Your Furnace Works

Being capable of staying warm in the winter is sure to depend on your furnace. You may want to know minor repairs you can make that will enable you to make sure your furnace runs efficiently. There are sure to be small issues that may come up from time to time, and being able to fix these on your own is ideal. Being aware of simple tips for fixing your furnace is sure to be helpful to you.

Three Keys To Reducing Your Heating Costs

Heating your home is one of the most expensive costs that you have to contend with as a homeowner. Even if you decide to buy the most energy-efficient furnace that you can find, you can still have abnormally high heating costs. In order to reign your costs in, you will need to do whatever you can to reduce heat loss to the outside world. The more you do to reduce heat loss, the better your savings will be.

3 Simple Furnace Maintenance Tasks For Improved Efficiency

Your furnace is naturally going to lose efficiency over the years. Dust buildup within the ducts, air registers, filter, fan blades, and motor can all contribute to weakened airflow. It can also result in dirty air being circulated throughout your home. This is obviously a major concern if you have allergies. This article explains how a couple of simple furnace cleaning task can improve the efficiency of your system. Replacing the Furnace Filter

2 Ways Broken Or Dirty Condenser Coils Can Interfere With Your AC's Efficiency

Central air conditioning systems depend on a variety of motorized parts, a chemical refrigerant, and a system of coils to produce the chilled air that keeps your home comfy in the sweltering summer months. The first set of coils the refrigerant reaches is the condenser coils in the condensing unit outside your home. These coils take the gas refrigerant from the compressor and change the gas into a liquid. The proper and efficient operation of your air conditioning system relies on the condensing coils performing this phase change properly.