3 Simple Furnace Maintenance Tasks For Improved Efficiency

Your furnace is naturally going to lose efficiency over the years. Dust buildup within the ducts, air registers, filter, fan blades, and motor can all contribute to weakened airflow. It can also result in dirty air being circulated throughout your home. This is obviously a major concern if you have allergies. This article explains how a couple of simple furnace cleaning task can improve the efficiency of your system.

Replacing the Furnace Filter

First of all, it is important to keep your furnace filter as clean as possible. This means you have to do more than just change the filter every couple of years. In addition, many people improperly replace their filter and end up making the problem even worse. For instance, if the filter is not pushed all the way back into the compartment, there could be a gap where air can leak through. Also, the ridges that hold the filter in place can get dirty. This can make it impossible to properly install the filter. Therefore, when you do replace your filter, you want to make sure to clean out the filter track first. Double check to make sure that the new filter is properly installed before moving forward.

Cleaning Inside the Furnace Cabinet

The most important components of the furnace are inside the main cabinet compartment. There is an access panel door that you can open up to service most of these components. Most newer furnaces have panels that are on hinges and can be opened just like a door. You don't need any tools. You will probably need a strong work light or flashlight to see inside the furnace compartment. Most importantly, look for dust buildup on components like the fan motor and input vents. Dust on the motor can cause it to slow down and be much less efficient. Overall, this can put more stress on your furnace and require it to use more electricity. To clean these components you can use a hose vacuum, duster, or wet rags.

Cleaning Outside the Furnace Cabinet

It is also very helpful if you clean the area around the outside of your furnace cabinet. Since the furnace is usually in a storage room, basement, closet or garage, homeowners tend to store stuff around it. Clutter around your furnace can be a fire hazard and it can decrease airflow into the unit. So, you should regularly clean area around the furnace cabinet. 

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