3 Easy Tips To Save Money On Heating Oil Delivery

If you cringe each year when the temperature begins to drop and it's time to use the heater, it is time to see what you can do to alleviate that financial burden. In addition, if you wait till the last minute, you will run the risk of accruing extra fees for emergency deliveries. Fortunately, by remembering a few easy tips, you can get through this winter as comfortably and affordably as possible.

Know Your Oil Tank

It is rarely wise to assume that all you need to know is the level at which the tank can run efficiently, without running out. Instead, it is a better idea to know the size of your tank and to be sure that it is in good condition, with no leaks. 

By doing so, you can take advantage of bulk discounts that are often available when large amounts of oil are purchased. In addition, a well-maintained tank will obviously preserve what you have in the tank. Another benefit that may not be as obvious is that when you fill your tank entirely, from as close to empty as possible, you can also keep track of the amount of oil your family uses monthly and throughout the season. 

Watch Diesel Prices at the Pump to Estimate Oil Prices for Home

You may already know that diesel fuel, when necessary and for a brief period of time, can be used in place of heating oil at home. Because the two are so similar chemically, an increase or decrease in the price of one may also be seen in the other.

Therefore, if you see a great price on diesel or if you see that it has increased in price recently, it is often helpful to make your purchases accordingly.

Do Not Use Firewood to Save Money

One of the more costly mistakes that are made each winter is burning firewood in order to save money on heating oil. The problem with that is that firewood needs air to burn, and it will pull that air from the home.

When it accesses heated air, it simply heats it up more; it will pull cold air from any cracks in the fireplace it can. The end result is wood that was expensive to purchase using air unnecessarily and inefficiently. If your goal is to roast marshmallows, a fire makes sense, but if you are trying to save money, it's best to stick with the oil.

In conclusion, you probably need heating oil—perhaps even delivered, such as by Bay State Fuel Oil Inc.— in order for your home to be safe and comfortable during the cold winter days. Fortunately, however, you do not always have to pay the high sums of money in order to get it.