Tips for Fixing Your Garbage Disposal Issues

Is your garbage disposal not functioning properly, and can you hear it hum whenever you turn it on? If so, there are some at-home methods to fixing this problem without the cost of a new disposal unit or costly tools. So, if you want to fix your garbage disposal on your own then be sure to try the following methods:

Manually Spinning the Blades

Large food items trapped in your garbage disposal can be too large for your disposal blades to slice through. This can cause your disposal unit to hum when turning it on, but prevent your blades from spinning. This can oftentimes be an easy fix as you may just need to manually spin the blades with enough force to slice through any large food items. This can be done by using a wrench, inserting it in the flywheel which is located underneath the unit, and manually turning the wrench once it is inserted into the flywheel.

Reset Your Unit

Oftentimes, a shortage can cause your unit to not work properly and this can sometimes be a quick fix. Many disposal units have a small button located underneath the unit which has a reset button that needs to be pressed whenever there's a shortage. This button will reset the power in your unit, which will help your blades and all the components within your disposal unit function properly.

Test the Outlet

It can be easy to overlook a bad socket in your wall outlet. Sometimes these outlets can go bad and they can prevent the proper wattage from entering your unit and this can cause problems. So, if you can, test the wattage that your outlet is able to produce so you can see if your unit is receiving the proper amount of power to properly function. This can easily be the problem why your unit is not working so make sure not to overlook simple issues like this.

Using these three tools can help you resolve your garbage disposal problems quickly and effectively so you can save time and money fixing issues on your own without the need for costly tools. So, before you assume it's time to replace your unit, definitely act on these tips as they can very well help bring your unit back to life. Not only are these easy and effective solutions, but they are little to no cost and allow you to resolve your problems within minutes, which can be a huge convenience. But if your garbage disposal is still having issues, contact a plumbing professional.