Gas-Furnace Maintenance: Why Is It Important to Keep Your Appliance Clean?

It doesn't matter if you use your gas furnace throughout the winter or just on very cold days it's recommended that you clean and maintain it as well as possible to keep it safe. A dirty gas furnace can potentially cause a fire in the home during use if it clogs up enough to overheat the motor. Here are things to know about a dirty furnace and what you can do to maintain it properly.

How Does a Dirty Furnace Endanger Your Family and Home?

Dust and other contaminants can affect the safety of your furnace over time. Contaminants travel throughout your home by air or through your HVAC system. Some of the contaminants stick to the grates of your air vents or along the insides of your air ducts. When you use your furnace, its air filter removes most of the contaminants passing through it. However, some particles can escape the filter and enter the compartments that hold your appliance's parts, including the motor. 

The motor sits inside a large housing called the blower. The blower allows air to circulate around the motor and the fan that cools it. If too many particles stick to the motor, it struggles to operate. A struggling motor can become very hot. In most cases, a hot motor shuts down before anything bad happens. But if the motor burns out, it can trigger an electrical fire that produces smoke and gases.

To keep your home and family safe, maintain your furnace the right way.

What Can You Do to Keep Your Appliance Safe?

The first thing you might do is have your furnace inspected by an HVAC contractor. A contractor can inspect the motor, its blower, and the filtering compartment to see if they require extensive cleaning. If the motor shows signs of damage from the built-up debris, such as warping or cracks, you may expect to replace the part, otherwise it may break down in the future. 

Also, have your ducts and vents cleaned and maintained. Even if you replace the motor in the furnace, the contaminants can still place the part at risk for failure. After a contractor performs maintenance on your furnace, be sure to clean out the blower and its motor every fall season. A contractor can discuss how you can do this when they visit your home.

For more details about your gas furnace, contact a heating contractor today