Basic Tips For Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioning System

In order to cool off your home, there is a forced-air system that connects to the heating and central air unit to allow air to flow through your home. In addition, when the air conditioning system is in working order, the blower unit, motor, and ductwork system will operate on one accord without any interruptions. Maintenance checks should be performed regularly on your air conditioning unit to ensure that it remains in working order. The information listed below provides basic tips for troubleshooting issues that may occur with your air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning System Filters

When the air conditioning system is not cleaned out regularly, it's possible for dirt to gather in the system and flow through the ducts. When this happens the dirt can attach itself to the coils in the condenser and it will stop air from flowing properly through the home. This is because the dirt will block the coils from letting out the air. If this is not addressed immediately, it will cause the entire central air system to malfunction, because it is working at a harder pace to try and cool off your home. For this reason, you should keep the filters on your system free of dirt, by cleaning or replacing them, as needed. In addition, clean air filters will also prevent known allergens, such as dust mites and mold spores, from filtering through the ducts and into your home.

Air Conditioning System Condenser

The air conditioning system's condenser is located outside the home, either in the back or on the side of the house. This is the brain of the air conditioning system. In order for the condenser to work correctly, it has to be kept away from debris and any other type of obstructions. This is because obstructions, such as tree roots and overgrown grass could hinder the way it operates by preventing its ability to enable air to circulate throughout the home.  For this reason, the area around the condenser should be cleaned regularly, including leaves and broken branches. Once you have cleaned around the unit, you can then clean the condenser system. While the air conditioning system is turned off, you can remove the top of the condenser and vacuum it out with a hose or hand vac. Any debris that can't be pulled out with a vacuum, should be removed by hand. In addition, the grass should be cut extremely low around the condenser to prevent debris from flowing into the unit.

If you notice the air conditioning unit is not functioning properly after these steps, it may be necessary to contact a contractor for further maintenance.