Checking Your Furnace Oil And Filter

It can be frustrating to see your utility bills increase, especially if your home is still uncomfortable and not properly heated throughout the winter. As winter rolls around, now is a great time to make sure your heating system is in tiptop shape so you don't end up with seriously increased monthly bills. Furthermore, you don't want to wait until the middle of winter to do these repairs, just in case there is something serious that needs to be fixed, and you need to go several days without heat. Better to do it now while the temperatures are moderate. This article explains one very effective DIY project that could greatly increase the efficiency of your heating system.

The efficiency of your heating system depends on several factors, and the productivity of the motor is one of the most important factors. That is, if the motor is not running right, your furnace will use more energy, produce less airflow, and generally be less effective. There are two easy ways to reduce stress on your motor and increase its efficiency.

Check and Top Off the Oil

Just like a car, the motor that powers the fan, needs oil. If the oil levels get low, the motor won't work as well. Checking and topping off the oil is very simple. You just need to make sure you get the right type oil for your brand and model of friends. You also need to turn the power off before you work on the furnace. If your furnace doesn't have a power switch, you can just switch the breaker. This is just a precaution so your heater doesn't power on while you are filling up the oil. You will definitely need a small funnel to reach the oil reservoir. It is often awkwardly located, so do your best to not spill.

Check and Clean the Air Filter

The efficiency of your furnace motor also depends on the air filter. If the air is not being properly filtered, dust can get in the vents and fan stem, reducing the output and speed of the fan. You just need to do your best to regularly change your air filters. Some air filters either have a color-changing indicator, but you can also just set reminders every six or so months to make sure that you change them within the recommended time slots.

With clean air and oil pumping in and out of your furnace, your heating system is definitely going to be more efficient. Contact a service, like Moore Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, for more help.