Clean, Check, Tweak, Maintain: Services For Your A/C That Are Important

Air conditioning maintenance services are vital to the continuous functioning and use of your air conditioner. HVAC technicians provide a wide range of maintenance services to customers just for this particular appliance. These services generally fall under the categories of clean, check, tweak, and maintain. 


The technician cleans the entire outdoor condenser box, removing grass clippings that have blown into it, removing leaves and dirt debris, and removing twigs and sticks that may have become lodged between the opening slats of the plastic cover in the last wind storm. The technician also cleans the inside components, including the evaporator coils, which will not function properly if they are caked with dirt and dust. Then the technician comes inside the house and cleans the components that are inside your home to ensure that the whole cooling unit is clean. Finally, he or she might clean your ventilation to ensure that the cooled air (as well as heated air) can move freely through the ventilation ducts into your home. 


During a semi-annual check of your air conditioning, which is typically recommended to be performed once in fall and again in late spring, the technician will check all of the components. He or she is looking for leaks, rust, and parts that are about to fail. They are also looking for any wiring or electrical connections that may have frayed or been nibbled by rodents. If everything checks out, there is nothing to worry about. If the technician notices and notes some potential problems, you can choose to address those repairs now, or wait for the parts to fail.


Every so often, some parts, particularly valves, tubing, wiring, and pipes, come loose, fray, or get twisted. The technician will tweak these parts such that they are restored to their proper positions and are functioning as expected. If the problem has more to do with cracked tubing or worn-out valves, then they will suggest that you have these things fixed and replaced as soon as possible. 


Part of maintaining your cooling system for your home is just making sure that everything is secure and working. While parts cannot be checked for functionality separately, they can be tested together as a whole and analyzed for possible problems. Your HVAC technician will be doing a little diagnostic work on your system during the maintenance service visit, and making sure the forced air system is functioning normally.