3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Commercial Refrigeration Unit

Your commercial refrigerator is vital to the successful operation of your commercial kitchen. Your commercial refrigerator is where you store all the food that you purchase on a daily basis to feed your customers.

Having your commercial refrigerator fail is not only annoying; it can cost you a lot of money. In an industry that rides on small profit margins, this type of failure can be a huge financial setback and can further interrupt the daily operations of your business. Taking care of and servicing your commercial refrigerator, therefore, is of high importance.

Tip #1: Work with A Commercial Appliance Repair Company

First, you need to find a commercial appliance repair company to work with to service and fix your refrigerator and other commercial equipment. You don't want to wait until you need a commercial appliance repair technician to find the right company to work with. You should do your research, reach out to, and hire a company to work with on a regular basis. Doing this before you need someone will allow you to hire the best, instead of just hiring who is available.

Tip #2: Set Up a Preventative Maintenance Plan

Second, once you find an appliance repair company to work with, you need to set-up a preventative maintenance plan. You need to get your commercial refrigerator inspected and repaired on a regular basis. You shouldn't wait for your refrigerator to stop working in order to get it repaired. You should have your service company visit every three to six months to inspect and perform any necessary repairs on all your equipment. Doing this could prevent a real emergency.

Tip #3: Have an In-House Maintenance Schedule

Finally, you can't just depend on your commercial appliance repair company to do all the work. You need to have an in-house maintenance and cleaning schedule that you stick to. By taking good care of your equipment, you will reduce the chance of your commercial refrigerator breaking down.

Daily, your team should be monitoring and recording the temperatures inside the fridge. If you notice the fridge getting warmer, be sure to put in a service call.

On a weekly basis, your team should use a mild soap to clean all the shelves off and wipe down the gasket. Make sure the drains are not clogged or backed up.  If a crack or damage is spotted on the gasket, or the drains are clogged, put in a service call.

On a monthly basis, clean the fan blades and the condenser coil as well.

Your commercial refrigerator is one of the keys to success for your commercial kitchen. You need to partner with restaurant equipment repair services that can come, service, and repair your equipment every few months. You should also have an in-house maintenance schedule so you can take good care of your equipment and spot repairs before they get too serious.