Upgrading Your Home With A New AC System

If you are wanting to make your home more comfortable during the summer months, a new AC installation can be an upgrade that can provide benefits for many years. Whether you are in the process of upgrading your existing AC units or installing them for the first time, a few strategies and tips can assist you throughout this major upgrade.  

Be Aware Of The Limitations Of Window Units

For homeowners that are wanting to keep their houses cool during the summer months, window units can seem like a natural option. However, these can be among the least efficient solutions for cooling a home. Typically, they will be fairly energy-intensive compared to the amount of cool air they output. Furthermore, they will have a much more limited cooling capacity, which will increase the chances that you may need to have several of these units to keep the home cool. Opting for a central air conditioning system will generally be far more energy-efficient as well as having a much higher cool capacity.

Appreciate The Option Of Ductless AC Systems

Whether it is due to avoiding disruptions or the result of the design of the home, some homeowners may need an alternative to traditional ducting for their AC system. In these situations, a ductless air conditioning system can be a viable solution. These systems will use a series of small tubes to transport cool air into the building. Due to issues with the maximum length of this tubing and the output of ductless air conditioning systems, your home may need several of these systems to keep it cool. However, they will still be far more energy-efficient than conventional window units. An added benefit of this type of system is that it will make it fairly simple to adapt a zoned cooling approach, which can allow you to set different temperature zones for the areas of your home.

Invest In An Extended Warranty For The New AC System

Regardless of the type of air conditioning system that you choose to have installed, it can be worthwhile to protect yourself from the risk of these systems failing by buying an extended warranty. If there is a defect or other issue with the unit, it may be covered under this type of plan. While most new AC units will come with a standard warranty, this may only be for a few months. To increase this protection, many retailers and manufacturers will offer the opportunity to buy an extended warranty. This can increase the length of this protection to several years.