Why Is Your Air Conditioner Acting Up?

Air conditioning contractors are specialists who inspect and repair AC units, and they can uninstall old units and put in new units as well for homeowners who need to upgrade their current cooling systems for the home. If your air conditioner is acting up, then it's time to give your air conditioning contractor a call.

Are you unsure what makes AC units act up? Use this guide to help you understand just what might be wrong with yours so you can relay this information to your air conditioning specialist.

Your AC air filters are filthy

Your air conditioning unit has air filters to help purify the air that is sent through the unit and into your home. These filters catch debris like dander, hair, pollen, dust, and other things, and they can get clogged relatively quickly depending on where you live and how often the air conditioning is used in your home. If these air filters are filthy, your air conditioner may emit foul air into your home or release dust particles into your home.

Follow the advice of air conditioning contractors and have your air filters replaced every 3 months or more frequently if you have pets or household members with allergies. Your air conditioning contractor will give you a custom timeline for changing out your home's air filters and can even change them out for you.

Your AC unit is older

How old is your air conditioner? AC units can last a long time, up to 25 years, but if yours is older or hasn't received maintenance in a while, then it may be showing its age. Air conditioning contractors look for signs of air conditioner wear when they service the appliances by making sure fans operate as they should, air quality is consistent, and units regularly transmit air into the home at the right temperature.

If your air conditioner is more than a decade old, have air conditioning contractors check the unit more frequently to ensure it's operating as it should. If you notice your energy bills going up in the summer more than they used to or if your air conditioner is making strange noises or being inconsistent in the quality of air it's releasing into your home, then you know that it's time to have your unit inspected or even replaced.

Your air conditioner should give you ample warning before it quits on you, and if you pay attention to signs the unit is acting up, you can get it serviced more quickly. Air conditioning contractors will schedule an inspection and give you a quote for repairs of your AC unit if needed.