Updating The Air Conditioning System In Your Home

The air conditioning system in your home may lose efficiency after years of use, and at some point, repairs may become too expensive. Air conditioning replacement may be the best option, but ensuring that you get the right system for your situation is critical. Working with an air conditioning company is an excellent place to start.

Air Conditioning Unit Size

If your home is heated using a stand-alone furnace, the air conditioning system is most likely separate from the heating system. If your home's air conditioning system does not cover the entire house, you may want to add additional coverage and add more ductwork to the system.

Choosing an air conditioning replacement unit for your home is essential because if the unit is too small, it will have to work harder than it is designed to, and that can cause a lot of extra wear and tear on the unit. If you are considering adding additional cooling, that needs to be taken into consideration when you are buying the new AC unit, but your air conditioning company can often recommend a unit that covers your needs. 

Ductless Air Conditioning

Running new air ducts throughout the house can be a lot of work, so when it is time for air conditioning replacement, you may want to consider adding several small air conditioning units to extend the cooling to more parts of your home. Adding a wall-mounted air conditioning unit that does not use any air ducts is a good option and will allow you to control the amount of cooling in each area of the home.

These ductless air conditioners can be a great addition to the air conditioning replacement unit that you are putting in the home, without having to deal with a lot of additional construction or running air ducts in areas that are hard to access. 

HVAC Systems

If you are in a position to install a complete HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system in your home, the system may be able to replace both the air conditioning and the heating system that are in your house with one system that does both jobs for you. The HVAC system may even do it more efficiently than the two units did separately. 

Talk with the contractor doing the air conditioning replacement in your home about potentially upgrading to a full HVAC system if you have the budget. The improvement in heat and cooling is often worth spending a little more to get started and will potentially save you money to operate over time.