HVAC Repairs That Your System Needs as the Weather Changes

As the weather begins to change, it is time to start dealing with your HVAC system. There may still be some nights when the furnace comes on, and the AC needs to be serviced before the summer months. Thus, you are going to need to have some HVAC repairs done before it gets hotter. The following HVAC repairs are some of the things you may need to have done as the weather change:

Furnace Wear and Heating Issues

The heating has been keeping you warm all winter, and it may be starting to show signs of wear. Therefore, some furnace repairs may be needed to make it through the last blast of cold air and get ready for warmer weather. Some of the repairs that your furnace will need before it is turned off include:

  • Heat exchanger not working properly
  • Issues with pilot lights and thermocouple (gas furnaces)
  • Issues with calibration with the HVAC thermostat

Your furnace's problems often start off minor at the end of winter but get worse if they are not addressed now.

Dealing With Winter HVAC Damage

Cold weather can damage different areas of your HVAC system. These problems are common with an AC unit that has not been used since last summer, but they can affect other areas like the ducts. Some of the winter HVAC damage that you may need to have repaired includes:

  • HVAC electrical issues
  • Damaged AC condensing unit
  • Ductwork damage due to pests or moisture

The ducts will need to be addressed quickly to ensure your heating and cooling works when needed. Other repairs like AC condenser unit repairs can be done when the air conditioner is serviced in preparation for summer.

Addressing Issues With Airflow and Blowers

Another issue that you are going to have to deal with as the weather changes is airflow. Often, this problem is due to dirty ducts and air filters that need to be changed. Therefore, you want to make sure to change the air filters of your furnace and AC before troubleshooting other issues. The problem could also be a damaged blower fan, which may make noises if repairs are needed.

AC Tune-Up and Repairs to Prepare for Summer

Lastly, the AC is going to need maintenance and repairs to prepare it for the summer months that will be here soon. This should start with an inspection of your AC unit and removing the weatherization and cover on the condensing unit. In addition, you also want to have your system cleaned and tuned up to prepare it for the summer weather. Doing these things will ensure you do not have a problem with your cooling during summer heatwaves.

The weather may be changing, but you want to be prepared for anything until summer. Therefore, you will want to contact an HVAC repair service to help ensure your heating and AC are ready.