What Is An Air Conditioning Tune Up And Why Do You Need One?

Approximately 100 million homes in America have air conditioning systems. If you are a homeowner with an air conditioning system, you might need to do some work on it from time to time. If you want it to work as well as possible, it might be beneficial for you to get an air conditioning tune-up each year. Do you know what this is and why you need it? Here are some vital things to know about tuning up your AC system each year.

The Purpose of a Tune-Up

An AC tune-up is kind of like tuning up your car. When you get a tune-up for your car, the purpose is to ensure that everything is working properly. It is designed to catch small issues and make the necessary adjustments or repairs to keep the vehicle operating the best it can. The purpose of an AC tune-up is just the same as tuning up your vehicle. When you get an air conditioning tune-up, the technician will perform steps to ensure that the system works efficiently and properly. They will make repairs and adjustments as needed while performing this service.

What It Involves

During a tune-up, the AC technician will perform many steps and might work off a checklist to ensure they do everything necessary. They might begin by checking all the key components of the system. As they do this, they will check the thermostat, condenser coils, and compressor. They will also check the coolant level and the air filter. If they discover that the coolant level is low, they will add more coolant. If they find a dirty air filter, they will replace it.

The next step is cleaning the system. As you use your system, it can become dirty. A tune-up offers a chance for you to have someone clean all the parts for you. The technician will clean the coils and all the other parts within the system. When complete, your system will operate more efficiently, and you will have a lower risk of the system breaking down in the summer when you need it.

The Benefits of Getting an Annual Tune-Up

As you can imagine, you can experience a lot of benefits by getting an annual tune-up. The first benefit is that you might spend less money cooling your house in the summer. If your system is clean and in good condition, it might run less to cool your house. Saving money on utilities is a great benefit of a tune-up.

Secondly, your system will have a lower risk of breaking down. If the technician fills the coolant and replaces any parts that are not working as they should, your system will probably run all summer without breaking down.

Finally, your AC system will probably last longer if you give it the proper maintenance it needs. If you want to extend the life of your system, you will need to maintain it.

The Best Time to Get One

The best time to get an AC tune-up is in the spring, about a month before you will begin using the AC system. If you get this completed in the spring, your system will be ready for the hot summer months. When you turn the system on in the summer, it should work perfectly.

Do you want your AC system to run efficiently all summer? If so, you might want to contact an HVAC company to schedule an annual AC tune-up. A tune-up is a vital service to get each year, as it helps your system run well all summer. Your system will last longer, and it will cost less to cool your home after getting the proper maintenance on your system.