Smart Precautions To Take When Choosing A Location For A New AC Unit Installation

There are a lot of things you want to get right when installing an AC unit, but one of the more relevant is the location of this setup. You have to be correct in order for this system to work optimally and safely for a long time. Here are just some protocols that will simplify choosing a location for a new AC installation.

See What's Easy to Access

There are going to be some crucial maintenance steps you'll perform to the outside portion of your AC unit called the condenser. For instance, you have to clean the coils and check on internal parts often. Completing these steps will be much easier if you choose the right location for a new AC unit install.

What part of your property will be easy to get to each time this unit has to be serviced? Maybe it's in the backyard or on the side where there are little to no obstructions in your way.

Assess the Amount of Shade Provided

Shade is going to be one of the most fundamental things you provide to a new AC unit because it prevents it from overheating. Whereas a unit that was constantly exposed to the sun during the summer months probably isn't going to remain efficient or last as long.

Figure out what the best location is around your home that provides optimal shade. If you're not able to find an optimal shaded spot, you may have to make adjustments like building a structure around the new AC unit before it is installed.

Avoid Heat Inside

For the part of the AC system that's installed indoors, you want to make sure it's also not able to overheat. That's feasible if you make sure your new AC unit isn't placed around other systems or appliances that create heat. That would more than likely affect both the condition and performance of this indoor component.

If you're not able to make a good selection, contact an HVAC professional to give you some location recommendations. Then you'll know for sure where the internal portion of the AC unit should go when it's set up by a professional company.

If you want to make the most out of installing a new AC system around your property, make sure you work out ideal locations for various systems. Then you won't have performance issues or leave yourself susceptible to hazards later on.