3 Powerful Ways Furnace Maintenance Improves Everyday Living

A home furnace is usually viewed as a long-term investment. Furnaces can last for many years when homeowners follow through with furnace maintenance. Manufacturers provide information about routine maintenance. Homeowners who do not know when to get their furnaces serviced can benefit from getting an HVAC contractor to inspect their appliances. It is not uncommon for homeowners not to know when they last had heating maintenance. This may happen when a home was purchased with a working furnace installed. It may also happen when homeowners make the assumption that their furnaces do not need maintenance because they have not experienced a breakdown. The following points identify four things that can happen when homeowners are proactive about seeking furnace maintenance services.

Longer Furnace Lifespan

Manufacturers perform in-house quality assurance tests on their units. This equips them to provide detailed information to consumers. The information provided is intended to ensure systems last as long as possible. Missed furnace maintenance may shorten the estimated lifespan because mechanical issues are likely to go undetected until the system stops producing heat. Critical components of a system can fail prematurely and require replacement parts. Sometimes these parts are costly, making it more sensible to get a new furnace. Proper maintenance ensures that faulty parts are identified. If a warranty is still valid and a furnace part malfunctions, consumers who adhere to manufacturers' maintenance recommendations are likely to get their repairs and parts covered by the warranty. It is possible to void a warranty by not getting maintenance, and the manufacturer reserves the right to decline the repair request.

Fewer Breakdowns

Consumers may experience fewer breakdowns when they get scheduled maintenance because it improves the likelihood that the technician will identify an issue before it worsens. Some simple repairs can prevent a full system breakdown. It can be a major inconvenience to not have heat in the coldest months of winter. There might be longer wait times for repairs due to peak season. Maintenance appointments involve cleaning, inspecting, testing, and repairing furnaces. Technicians also install new furnace filters. 

Improved Safety

Furnaces are like many other appliances in a household. They need to be routinely checked to ensure that they perform as intended. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when furnaces are not maintained. Gas furnaces present risks of explosion and carbon monoxide leaks. These issues are unlikely to be obvious to homeowners unless something drastic happens. Technicians check furnaces for cracked parts and leaks. They also check to ensure that there is proper ventilation and working carbon monoxide detectors. Electric furnaces have electrical risks, and technicians must inspect them to ensure that wiring is intact.

A furnace that lasts beyond its expected lifespan is likely to have fewer breakdowns. It is also likely not to have performance issues that threaten the safety of occupants in a home or cause high energy costs. These are things that can give homeowners peace of mind.

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