3 Complications That Might Stop Your AC From Cooling And How To Handle It

There are many reasons your air cooling system might malfunction. Once this occurs, you will notice that your home is not as cold as it should be in the summer. The stuffiness can reach uncomfortable levels and could also lead to health issues like heat stroke and breathing system complications. Here are the three most common complications that stop your AC from cooling and how to resolve them. 

When the Air Filters Are Dirty

Dirt accumulation on your air filters probably tops the list of the causes of your air conditioner malfunctioning. The role of the air filter is to ensure that the air circulating inside the system is free from dust, pollen, and mold spores. However, with continued use, the filters become dirty, diminishing their ability to let the clean air through. As a result, the air conditioner's internal mechanisms will struggle and bring hot air into the house. It's possible to fix the issue by simply replacing the air filter. You can also clean it, especially if it is reusable. Talk to your AC repair technician to know the best course of action to take.

When the Outdoor Condenser Breaks Down

It is also possible to run into issues with your air conditioning system when your outdoor unit becomes compromised. The condenser unit is that part of the AC equipment that resides outside your home. It should operate optimally when all the components are clean and functioning. However, its location exposes it to harsh outdoor conditions like dirt, grime, and debris. Consider cleaning it from time to time to restore efficiency. You should also remove any obstructions interfering with the appliance's ability to dissipate heat into the environment. A technician can help you assess the outdoor unit and resolve the issues that could be compromising its effectiveness. 

When the Fan and Motors Have Problems

You should also assess the condition of the fan and motor to determine whether they are in ideal working condition. Your unit might be blowing warm air inside the home instead of cold air if any of these parts are malfunctioning. Only a technician can troubleshoot the system and determine whether the damages are repairable or if the components warrant a replacement.

These are some of the notorious reasons why your AC unit could experience a malfunction. Speak to a trusted and experienced technician about the faults in your system. They will help you repair the system and restore its efficiency in no time.  

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