Why Your Commercial Air Conditioner Is Making Buzzing Noises

Your AC will produce a humming sound when your turn it on. However, your system could be defective if the sounds translate into loud buzzing noises. Whereas you may ignore these sounds since they are at a low frequency, they may cause secondary damage to other internal components. Therefore, you must schedule an appointment with a commercial AC specialist to examine your unit and determine whether a repair or a replacement is appropriate. The following are a few reasons your office's AC is buzzing.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

If clogged filters impede airflow to the AC, the coils will freeze. This is due to the refrigerant flowing through the coils without adequate warm air to cool and dehumidify. In addition, over time, due to constant vibration and age-related deterioration, the line set may corrode and develop leaks. Consequently, you will hear buzzing noises when the system starts and subsides after the ice thaws. Thus, you should contact an AC technician to clean the air passages and replace the coils for a proper defrost cycle.

Electrical Issues

Your AC will produce a buzzing noise if the electrical system is defective. This is because of electrical arching, where current escapes the intended path through air to another conductive path. Furthermore, the AC will produce a loud buzz if the contactor relay switch is faulty or the electrical connections are loose. Therefore, it is wise you engage an AC professional to replan the electrical setup, fasten the connections securely, and modify the power distribution system to prevent injuries from arc flash.

Loose Parts

As your AC operates, it constantly vibrates, especially when working overtime. This loosens the components, producing a buzzing noise amplified by the vibrations. For instance, bearings that are not secured properly will produce a continuous buzz as they attempt to make contact. Since loose parts accompanied by vibrations accelerate components' wear and tear, you must hire a commercial  AC repair expert to secure the components firmly to restore their efficiency.

Degraded Isolation Feet

The isolation feet in the outdoor unit support the compressor in position. Over time, these feet will deteriorate and wear out, causing your compressor to be unstable. Consequently, you will hear a buzzing noise when the AC starts. Thus, you should contact a commercial AC repair professional to replace the isolation feet and install anti-vibration pads for stable compressor support.

Buzzing sounds from your commercial AC will result from wear and tear over time. Therefore, you should schedule regular AC servicing to spot any signs of deterioration as they emerge and fix them. To learn more, reach out to a local service, such as Environmental Air Systems Inc.