Likely Reasons Why Your Compressor Is Producing Disruptive Noises

Modern AC units integrate sound-dampening features that allow for silent operation. Thus, the compressor could be defective if loud and strange sounds emanate from your outdoor unit. Not only does a noisy compressor disrupt your ambiance, but it also causes discomfort indoors. If you fail to address this issue, it may escalate and cause a system breakdown, necessitating a replacement. Therefore, it is advisable that you contact an AC contractor for a diagnostic callout. They will examine your system and resolve the compressor issue for peak functionality. Below are likely reasons your compressor is noisy.

Stray Hardware Parts

The condenser unit produces relatively low vibrations as the mechanical parts perform their functions. Over time, these vibrations can cause the components in the compressor to become loose. Components such as connecting rods, crankshafts, or piston pins can also dislodge due to normal wear and tear. As a result, your AC will make rattling noises once you turn it on. Therefore, you should engage an AC technician to fasten the loose parts and help prevent compressor failure.

Faulty Fan Motor or Blades

If your unit's fan motor lacks adequate lubrication, the metal surfaces grind against each other, producing squealing sounds. Furthermore, foreign objects in the condenser unit may bend the fan blades, causing them to scrap against the housing. Consequently, you might hear grinding sounds emanating from the outdoor unit. You ought to hire an AC professional to inspect and lubricate your fan motor consistently for seamless operation. In addition, they align the fan blades and optimize the fan settings for proper heat expulsion.

A Refrigerant Leak

Your AC refrigerant absorbs heat in the air handler and dissipates it to your home's exterior. However, the line set may deteriorate from formic acid corrosion and leak the refrigerant. As such, the refrigerant will likely flood the compressor crankcase, causing high pressure. This causes the system to produce screaming noises while starting up. Accordingly, you need to contract an AC repairer to seal the leak for proper coolant compression and circulation.

An Electrical Malfunction

If you catch a high-frequency humming noise, it could indicate an AC electrical failure. This may be because wires are wearing out and, therefore, loosening. Moreover, the capacitor may degrade over time, losing its ability to store charge and power the compressor's motor. For this reason, it is wise to employ the services of an AC contractor to fix the electrical malfunction for proper current flow.

The AC compressor is an essential and relatively pricey component, so hiring an AC services contractor to service your system and help prevent compressor failure is important.

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