Pros And Cons Of Having A New AC Unit Installed In The Winter

When your air conditioner fails and the repair bill will be expensive, the logical thing to do would generally be to have the air conditioner replaced ASAP. However, if your AC fails as winter is coming on, things are not so cut and dry. You have a decision to make. You could replace the AC right now, or you could wait and have this done next spring. Here are some pros and cons of having the work done right away, even though it is winter.

Pro: You won't have to worry about scheduling the replacement, come spring

When spring comes, you don't always know how fast the weather is going to warm up. Sometimes, it takes months. In other years, the temperatures head up there quickly. If you have your AC replaced now, you know you'll have access to that cooling as soon as warm weather arrives. You won't be left waiting for your HVAC contractor to have availability as the temperature creeps higher and higher.

Con: The AC unit will have to weather an extra winter

Winter is hard on AC units. Even if your unit is properly covered, it will be exposed to some temperature fluctuations and moisture that will impact its condition, even if just slightly. Wait until spring, and your AC unit won't go through this winter wear and tear.

Pro: You might get a good deal

Early winter is a bit of a slow time for many HVAC companies. People already had furnaces installed, and it's not deep enough into winter that there's a huge demand for furnace repairs. As such, some HVAC companies charge less at this time to bring in more business. You may also score an end-of-the-year discount on the AC equipment itself – especially if the manufacturer is introducing new models next spring.

Con: You won't be able to try out the AC unit right away

Running AC units in cold weather is not good for them. You won't really get to try your AC until next spring, so if anything is amiss with the equipment or installation, you won't find out right away. 

If your AC is not working but the weather is cold, you don't have to replace it right away – but this can be a smart approach in some cases. Talk to an HVAC contractor to learn more and to get a better sense of their schedule and any discounts available.

Reach out to an air conditioning service to learn more.