Failures That Need Emergency AC Repairs

A malfunctioning AC impacts your home's comfort, but it is possible to repair these problems efficiently. To be prepared for AC problems, a homeowner needs a general awareness of the most common problems their system can suffer. This information allows for quicker responses when issues start to develop.

Leaking Evaporator Pan

The evaporator pan is an important part of your air conditioning system because it collects condensation created during the cooling process. If an evaporator pan leak goes unnoticed, it can cause water damage to your AC system. Clogged drain lines, worn-out drain pans, and punctures are all common causes of leaking evaporator pans. Water damage on the ceiling or a puddle near the indoor unit are signs of a leak. To avoid further damage to your AC system and home, you must address a leaking evaporator pan as soon as possible. In most cases, this involves replacing the damaged pan.

Obstructions In The Ducting Or Air Handler

Your air conditioning system's ducts and air handler are essential in distributing cool air throughout your home. Debris buildup can restrict airflow and reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning system. There are several hints that this may be the issue with your system. The more common involve reduced airflow, higher energy bills, and inconsistent temperatures in different rooms. Any obstructions must be promptly removed to avoid these impacts and potential damage to the AC unit.

Coil Damage To The Unit

Your air conditioning system's coils are critical in transferring heat from the inside of your home to the outside. Unfortunately, corrosion or physical damage to these coils is a common issue. It can reduce your AC system's efficiency by greatly increasing the energy needed to cool the air. A lack of maintenance and exposure to corrosive substances can cause coil damage. While these coils are protected, strong impacts from storm debris can cause punctures, warps, and other significant damages. Addressing coil damage as soon as possible ensures your AC system performs optimally and avoids additional damage.

Compressor Failures

Your AC unit's compressor is a central component of the entire system. It has the responsibility of compressing and circulating the refrigerant throughout the system. A faulty AC compressor can cause your AC system to stop working, rapidly reducing your home's comfort. Electrical problems and a lack of maintenance are the two most common causes of a faulty compressor. Most often, compressors will fail by short-cycling. This involves the compressor only running for a few minutes due to overheating. While replacing the compressor can remedy these issues, this is a complicated repair that requires a professional's help. 

For more information about 24/7 emergency AC repair, contact a local company.