A Common Residential HVAC Repair Is To Fix Problems With The Blower

A common problem with HVAC equipment is when the blower stops putting out a strong stream of air. If airflow from the air handler is low, your HVAC won't be able to cool or warm your house. If the blower isn't putting out enough air, the problem might be with the capacitor or the blower motor. Here's a look at how the problem can be diagnosed and repaired. 

A Bad Capacitor Affects The Blower Motor

The capacitor stores power and sends some to the motor when it starts up. When the capacitor is faulty or dead, the motor won't get the power it needs, and it can burn out trying to start. If you notice your AC or furnace isn't putting out any air at all or the stream is weak, call a residential HVAC repair company for assistance. A technician can test the capacitor with a multimeter to find out if it's bad.

However, it's also possible the technician can tell by looking if the capacitor is bad since it might be swollen or have other signs of damage. A capacitor is an easy part to replace. It's easy to locate and easy to switch out. However, the part is dangerous to work with since it holds power. The technician has to make sure the power is discharged first. Then they can disconnect the wires and pull the old part out so it can be replaced. Replacing a capacitor is a common HVAC repair.

A Bad Motor Might Need To Be Replaced

A motor might have bad bearings or it might have an electrical failure. Like the capacitor, the motor can be checked with a multimeter to tell if it's bad and needs to be replaced. Getting to the blower motor is much more difficult than getting to the capacitor. Wires need to be disconnected and parts removed from the air handler to get to the blower assembly so the assembly can be pulled out to get to the motor.

Because this is a more time-consuming and complex HVAC repair, it's more costly than simply replacing a capacitor. The repair technician also has to use care to connect the wiring properly when the new motor is being installed. While the blower assembly is out, the technician may check it and clean it if necessary. Getting dust out of the blower fins can also help the blower put out more air.

A residential HVAC repair company can get your blower functioning properly again so your home can get comfortable. It doesn't do any good for your HVAC to make heat or cold air if the blower isn't working to blow the air into your house. Fixing a blower problem is an important repair you'll need to have done right away or your home might get too hot or too cold.