Clean, Check, Tweak, Maintain: Services For Your A/C That Are Important

Air conditioning maintenance services are vital to the continuous functioning and use of your air conditioner. HVAC technicians provide a wide range of maintenance services to customers just for this particular appliance. These services generally fall under the categories of clean, check, tweak, and maintain.  Clean The technician cleans the entire outdoor condenser box, removing grass clippings that have blown into it, removing leaves and dirt debris, and removing twigs and sticks that may have become lodged between the opening slats of the plastic cover in the last wind storm.

Why Your Air Conditioner Might Leak Refrigerant

An air conditioner (AC) that is leaking refrigerant is headed for failure. If the leak continues unabated, the refrigerant level may get too low and affect the AC's cooling output, energy efficiency, and durability. Knowing why your AC might leak coolant is the first step to dealing with the leaks. Below are some of the common causes of AC refrigerant leaks. AC Vibrations The AC has lots of moving parts such as the motors and the fans.

AC Condenser Trouble: Try These DIY Fixes

Most homeowners consider having a functioning central air conditioning system to be an essential part of their family's comfort during the summer months. Unfortunately, it seems like air conditioners have a habit of breaking down just when you need them most. Often the trouble is with the condenser, which is the large outdoor unit of your central air conditioning equipment. This article looks at some common issues that prevent condensers from working properly and how you can address the various problems.

Why Your Furnace Goes Out On The Coldest Day Of The Year

It often seems like a furnace will not break down until the weather hits a low point during the winter. While this is coincidental at times, it is something that is not so unexpected at other times. If you are currently going through an outage during a cold spell, you can get repairs quickly if you contact a company that offers emergency heating services, but here are several important things to know about why your furnace might not currently be working.

Making The Switch From Electric To Propane HVAC Systems

If you are looking for ways to cut your electric bill, one option that may come up is propane. This is a switch that many homeowners are not aware of or do not know enough about to make an informed choice. If the option has been brought up to you, and you don't have much information on making this type of switch for your HVAC system, then here are a few key points you need to know.